The speech therapy performance with the premature baby

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Currently, the study of the premature baby has gained more emphasis. According to studies carried out, these babies may present initial alterations in their biological formation and maturation, and may or may not have sequelae. These sequelae that may occur may interfere with the normal development of the following parts: motor, auditory, physical and psychological aspects of the child, changing the process of acquisition and development of language.

The newborn has had a deserved focus in several areas of health with the objective of providing a better development for it.

The work developed with the premature baby is performed in a very complex way, involving knowledge in neonatology, human communication disorders, hearing and child neurology.

The speech therapist works with the multidisciplinary team, seeking to carry out a coherent work that will reflect a development concept. The survival of a larger number of premature babies depends totally on the detailed monitoring, so that this one has a good evolution. Speech therapy intervention can be didactically divided into immediate and follow-up. The immediate is at the emergency level and the follow-up refers to the issue of monitoring the premature baby, depending on conditions of character administrative, physical, material and even personal in order to develop theoretical proposals to guide the development of the diagnosis to be given. The speech therapy action with the premature baby is quite broad, as it addresses both the present and necessary behaviors for human communication as any disturbances that may come to emerge. It is noteworthy that the standards of normality used as a source of diagnosis are approached worldwide in different views of human behavior. According to scholars, some factors are considered as the main risks for the evolution of language:

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1. perinatal infection
2. birth weight
3. breathing difficulty
4. Ototoxic
5. Change of suction/feed
6. Malformations, especially head and neck
7. Hyperbilirubinemia/ex-blood transfusion
8. History of hearing loss
9. History of language disorders.

By Elen Cristine M. Whitewashed Fields
Graduated in Speech Therapy and Pedagogy

Source: Brazil School -
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