Between you and me or between you and me?

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Misunderstandings arise in the use of personal pronouns, especially those in the oblique case. However, an important tip will make sure there is no more doubt about this subject:

According to the cultured norm, after the prepositions the oblique form of the personal pronouns is used. Look:

1. this stays in betweenme and Is it over there. (Wrong)

1. this stays in betweenme and Is it over there. (Right) or
2. this stays in betweenme and you.

The pronouns of the oblique case act as a complement, while the personal pronouns of the straight case, the subject. Watch:

1. Is it over there He lookedforme with loving eyes (looked at who? Complement: me.).
2. please bring my clothes forI pass (who will practice the passing action? Subject: I.).

Let's look at the question that gives the title to the text: Between me and you or between me and you? After the explanation above, we find that there is a preposition: between. So, the correct one is “Between me and you”, because after the preposition the personal pronoun of the oblique case is used.

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In the same way it will be with the other prepositions: for me and you, for me and you, about me and him, between me and her, against me, for me, etc. Look:

a) He brought cake for you and me.
b) No one is against me.
c) Can you do this for me?
d) Over you and me there is a cloud of many blessings.

Now watch:

I need the ingredients forme make the cake. (Wrong)

There is the preposition “to”, however, the pronoun “me” is playing the role of subject of the second clause: for me to bake the cake. Therefore, the use of the oblique pronoun is wrong. The right would be:

I need the ingredients forme make the cake. (Right)

By Sabrina Vilarinho
Graduated in Letters

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