What is cytoplasm?

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At cells are formed by plasma membrane, cytoplasm and genetic material, that may or may not be wrapped in a wrap nuclear. The cytoplasm is the intracellular space that, in eukaryotic cells, represents the region between the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope.

Cytoplasm Characteristics

The cytoplasm houses the cytoskeleton, the cytoplasmic organelles and some substances contained therein, usually temporarily, such as proteins, lipids and pigments. In the space between these substances and the organelles, it is possible to observe the cytoplasmic matrix, also called the cytosol, which is a substance of variable consistency. Therefore, the cytoplasm is composed of all intracellular organelles and the cytosol.

Cytosol is formed by different substances, such as amino acids, proteins, nutrients, ions, RNA and, mainly, water. We can divide the cytoplasm into two parts: the ectoplasm and the endoplasm. Ectoplasm has a more gelatinous consistency, and endoplasm has a more fluid concentration and is located more internally in the cell.

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Cytoplasm Functions

The cytoplasm has several functions in cell, to know:

  • Provide the proper environment for biochemical reactions;

  • Accumulate substances needed by the body;

  • Promote the exchange of substances in the cell;

  • Enable cell movement, such as movement by pseudopods (temporary elongations of the cytoplasm).

It is important to emphasize that, as the cytoplasm is the region where the organelles are located, its functions are also related to them.

What is cyclosis or cytoplasmic current?

In a plant cell, it is possible to perceive the movement of the cytoplasm in a phenomenon called cyclosis. In this process, all the organelles are moved by the currents generated by the microfilaments. This phenomenon occurs with energy expenditure.

ATTENTION:In the prokaryotic cells, the cytoplasm does not have membranous organelles. In eukaryotic cells, there is the presence of organelles that form a complex system of membranes.

By Ma. Vanessa dos Santos

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/o-que-e/biologia/o-que-e-citoplasma.htm

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