Vegetable Feed x Animal Feed

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When we choose to eat beef, we ingest 1% of the nutrients of plant origin, that is, only 10% of the 10% or 0.01 of the animal's food is transferred to our body.
An animal, in its food, consumes feed made from cereals, soybeans and plants that could be directly consumed by man, bringing him a greater amount of matter, energy and fixed nutrients by the plant.
In research results, it has been proven that in order to obtain 1 kg of meat for consumption, it is necessary that the animal consumes 7 kg of cereals and soybeans, so we conclude that 7 kg of cereals and vegetables result in 1 kg of beef.
According to ecologist Eugene Odum, 20 million alfalfa plants used to support 4.5 calves for a month would feed a 12-year-old child for a year.
There are those who argue that the protein in beef has amino acids necessary for our health, but they can be ingested through combinations with vegetables, such as rice and bean.

By Gabriela Cabral
Brazil School Team

Curiosities - Brazil School

Source: Brazil School -

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