Business letter: how to do it, what is it for, types

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THE Lettercommercial it is a textual genre from the professional field that aims to establish communication between companies or employees, while serving as the formal document of these dialogues. This text can be used for different functions, such as presenting for new employment, resigning or applying for and warning. Its structure focuses on date, location, recipient and company data, and its language is characterized by precision and impersonality.

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Characteristics and structure of the business letter

The business letter is a document that serves to establish professional communications between different companies, sectors or employees. As it has a wide range of contents, the business letter can be divided into subtypes: such as recommendation letter, resignation letter, etc., which will be discussed below.

Despite this diversity, there are characteristics that present themselves in most business letters. The first pertinent characteristic is that, in addition to communicating, documenting, that is, the letter also intends to

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formalize a professional communication, guaranteeing the gender its document status.

When thinking about the structure of the genre, three aspects that deserve attention can be separated: language, structure and content. In relation to the latter, as seen above, it covers a variety of topics, enabling different communications. In relation to language, the business letter must present clarity, objectivity and simplicity.

The business letter message needs to be crafted accurately, so he must to be featuresgives directly, avoiding confusing or misleading interpretations, as well as unnecessary information to the subject. Treatment between interlocutors must be respectful and impersonal, avoiding all types of communication outside the professional sphere.

In addition, it is necessary to use the language in the standard variety of theretongue Pportuguese, paying attention to the spelling, agreement, punctuation and other grammar rules. Furthermore, due to the demands of gender, it is necessary to avoid adjectives, personal judgments and all kinds of expressions that show personal or subjective positions.

Regarding the structure, it is noteworthy that the cards must contain the following elements:

  • local; date;

  • recipient;

  • context or subject of the letter;

  • closing, conclusion or closing sentence;

  • signature;

  • recipient's full name, below signature;

  • professional position of the recipient;

  • Company Name;

  • if necessary, place an attachment.

Still in the structural scope, it is relevant to talk about the aesthetic importance of the genre. The business letter is a professional nature document, so care with the organization and aesthetic presentation is essential, always obeying the structural rules of the genre.

Business Letter Types

The business letter is a document that contributes to the organization of the company's collective work.
The business letter is a document that contributes to the organization of the company's collective work.

Business letters adapt to different professional circumstances so that they address different content as well as fulfilling different functions. Below is a list of some of the most common types of business letter in the workplace.

  • Job submission: letter used to present yourself to a job vacancy, bringing together a resume professional.

  • Letter of recommendation: letter in which a representative makes the recommendation of a former employee, due to his good professional performance, for future employment in new companies.

  • resignation letter: letter in which the employee formalizes his/her request for dismissal from the company, or the notice, by the company, of the dismissal of any employee.

  • Letter to report error: letter used to communicate any possible error or misunderstanding that interfered or could interfere with someone's work.

  • Letter to ask for information: letter to request some data, guidance or answer regarding any professional question.

Step by step on how to make a business letter

To make a business letter, it is necessary to have clarity of information or request that will be communicated, as it will allow the text be prepared with precision and objectivity, ensuring a better understanding of the reader. In addition, it is necessary to provide iinformation previews needed, such as the recipient and company name.

After gathering the necessary information, it is important to organize the text based on the following step by step:

  • if possible, insert company name and logo in the header of the sheet, or use specific letterhead;

  • place location and date in corner (may vary from right or left corner of page, check specific company patterns) below letterhead;

  • write recipient's name below location and date;

  • present a vcaptive impersonal and respectful, it can be attached to the recipient's name or the body of the text;

  • start the text stating the subject of the Letter, presenting expressions such as “In relation to”, “In response to”, etc., and following the body of the text, communicating the message with the language and structure appropriate to the genre;

  • conclude the letter with a cordial farewell.

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Business Letter Examples

In this topic, some business letter examples will be presented, each one aimed at a different function and content.

Example Business Letter of Request:


February 8, 2021


Recipient's full name

Regarding the order of the article, the delivery deadline is February 15, 2021. Thus, I request that the text be sent to the e-mail until February 14, 2021, guaranteeing a minimum period of 24 hours for correction.


_______ signature_________

Full name of sender

professional position of the sender

Example business letter of recommendation:

January 7, 2021

Company Name

Manuel Silva e Silva, competent, dedicated, agile and responsible professional, worked in this company from February 2007 to August 2010, performing team coordination services and later store management, under my direct supervision, a period in which he presented exemplary and irreproachable personal and professional conduct, which is why I recommend his services.



Full name

Author's professional title

Footer: official company data and contact addresses.

Sample business letter in response to request:

Rio de Janeiro, July 25, 2008


Company Name

Mr (a) name of recipient

In response to your request, we inform you that Mr. Manuel Silva e Silva has his assessment scheduled for August 15, 2021, at 3:00 pm, at Rua, nº, neighborhood, city-UF.



Name of responsible

professional position

By Talliandre Matos
Writing Teacher

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