The folds and failures in the formation of the relief

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The various types of reliefs existing on the planet are the result of a series of modeling agents that can be internal or external. In the case of folds and failures, they are internal or endogenous agents, arising from movements occurring in the lithospheric plates.
The folds, also called folds, are constituted from gigantic pressures that happen horizontally, exerting a great force on rocks of more fragile compositions, such as sedimentary ones, this phenomenon causes the wrinkling of the relief. We have several examples in the world of mountain ranges that emerged as a result of folds and folds, of which we can cite: the Himalayan mountain range, in Asia; the Alps, in Europe, and the Andes, in South America.

The drawing above shows how the folds form.

On the other hand, failures, or failures, are formed from movements caused by enormous pressures that follow from vertically and horizontally, exerting a great force on more solid and rigid rocks, such as the crystal clear. In carrying out the phenomenon, they form ruptures or cracks in the extensions of the rocks. With this, the slip between the rocks takes place. Such movements are responsible for the emergence of cliffs and valleys. Faults can also arise in places where lithospheric plates meet.

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How failures or failures can form

By Eduardo de Freitas
Graduated in Geography
Brazil School Team

Source: Brazil School -

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