Lost followers on Instagram? Find out how to find out who unfollowed you

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Explore who unfollowed you on Instagram It can be a time-consuming task, requiring you to individually visit each profile.

There are ways to speed up this process with the help of specific tools and extensions on the platform itself. An efficient alternative is to use a browser which allows you to identify several users who no longer follow your profile.

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Kiwi Browser, based on the same engine as Google Chrome and available for Android, is an option that offers this functionality.

Avoiding installing unofficial applications on your smartphone is crucial for the security of your Instagram account, thus keeping all your data safe.

By choosing safer methods like Kiwi Browser, you can streamline the process of identifying who performed the unfollow, maintaining the integrity of your account and ensuring a more quiet.

Finding out who unfollowed the app

  1. Download and install Kiwi Browser: Go to the Play Store, download and install Kiwi Browser on your Android smartphone.

  2. instagram story viewer
  3. Access Instagram via Kiwi Browser: Log in to your Instagram account via Kiwi Browser. In the top right corner, click on the three dots and open a new guide without logging out.

  4. Install the “Instagram Unfollowers” ​​extension: in the new tab, click on the three dots again and go to “Extensions”. Select “From Store” and, in the Chrome Store, search for “Unfollowers on Instagram”. Tap “Use in Chrome” to fully install on Kiwi Browser.

  5. Use the extension that was installed: Go back to Instagram in Kiwi Browser, click on the three dots and scroll until you find the “No Followers on Instagram” extension. Tap the icon and the extension will detect your logged in account. Tap “process” to find out who doesn’t follow back.

  6. Stop following manually: When you identify who doesn't follow you back, go to Instagram and unfollow them manually. Avoid using the “Unfollow” button by extension, as Instagram may interpret this activity as suspicious, which could result in account locks.

By following this step by step, you can update the identification of whoever stopped following you on Instagram and, thus, you can unfollow the user.

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