Look at the scam: how not to fall for fraud when shopping on Black Friday?

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A sexta-feira Negra 2023 is scheduled to take place this Friday (24), already causing movement in physical and digital stores with classic promotions. To attract more and more consumers, companies offer attractive discounts or “unmissable” conditions, seeking to obtain a portion of the 13th salary of Brazilian workers.

See too: Black Friday Magazine Luiza has discounts of up to 80% and flash promotions throughout the month.

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However, consumers need to pay extra attention when making their purchases this Black Friday. In addition to being the period with the most tempting discounts, Black Friday is also one of the times when criminals act most with scams.

There are also companies that take advantage of the season to raise the price of products a few days before Black Friday and sell them at an even higher price than usual as a promotion. The practice became known on the internet as selling the product “for half the price”.

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Sales will be higher than in 2023

According to data released by Neotrust, the average ticket spent on Black Friday increased to R$473. This new value is close to the highest level ever recorded at the time, of R$475 in the second quarter of 2021. Another prediction from the platform is consumption growth during Black Friday of around 12.6% compared to last year.

However, before taking advantage of the special conditions, you need to pay attention to the purchases you make. “It is important to make purchases with due care to avoid becoming victims of fraud and, above all, your personal data being unduly ‘stolen’. The digital world came to make our lives easier, but we must act responsibly and carefully”, said Francisco Gomes Junior, president of the Personal Data and Consumer Protection Association (ADDP) and lawyer specializing in law digital.

How to be safer when shopping on Black Friday?

Before making a purchase, check the experience of other consumers. It is possible to check the company's reputation through websites such as Reclame Aqui or even Procon. Furthermore, pay attention to the websites' electronic addresses (URLs), as fake pages with the names of big brands grow exponentially at this time of year.

When paying, be wary of sites that only offer payment by bank transfer or bank slip. Secure websites offer different ways to make purchases, including paying in installments using cards. Also look to see if there is a padlock next to the browser's address bar, which indicates whether the connection is secure or not.

Finally, do not fill out any form that requests various personal details to get exclusive discounts. Another important point related to data is consent to the indiscriminate use of data. Therefore, read the website notices carefully before clicking “I agree” and completing your purchase.


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