PC-SP publishes a notice of 3,500 vacancies and salaries of up to R$15 thousand; apply!

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A Civil Police of the state of São Paulo (PC-SP) has just launched its newnotice, bringing exciting career opportunities to higher-educated professionals.

This is an exciting opportunity for those seeking a career in law enforcement and public security from Sao Paulo.

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The positions offered cover several areas, from investigation to forensic medicine, opening paths for a wide variety of specializations and contributions to society.

With a total of 3,500 vacancies, this announcement opens doors for those who aspire to be part of the state's police forces.

Starting ranges vary significantly depending on the function desired, offering a range of available options.

São Paulo Civil Police announces competition for this year

For the positions of Deputy, Forensic Doctor, Criminal Expert, Investigator and Clerk, starting salaries range between R$5,879.68 and R$15,037.99. The registration period will be from September 11th to October 10th, 2023.

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To compete, interested parties need to access the Organizing Bank website, the Vunesp Foundation, which is in charge of managing the selection process, and paying the registration fee of R$ 113.06.


  • Delegate — 552 vacancies with a salary of R$15,037.99;

  • Clerk — 1,333 vacancies with a salary of R$5,879.68;

  • Investigator — 1,250 vacancies with a salary of R$5,879.68;

  • LEGIST doctor — 116 vacancies with a salary of R$12,954.40;

  • Forensics expert — 249 vacancies with a salary of R$12,954.40.

For the positions of Clerk and Investigator, the preambular test will last 4 hours and is scheduled to be administered on November 26, 2023.

For the roles of Medical Examiner and Criminal Expert, the preambular test will also last 4 hours and is scheduled for December 3, 2023.

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The process of evaluating candidates for the PC-SP competition will comprise several selection phases, each with its specific criteria:

  1. Objective proof — is eliminatory and classificatory, with the aim of evaluating candidates’ knowledge in relation to the planned program content. Applicants must achieve a minimum performance to move forward in the selection process;

  2. Written test — also eliminatory and classificatory, this stage aims to assess the candidates' ability to express their ideas in writing in a clear and consistent manner. It is an opportunity to demonstrate specific knowledge about the desired position;

  3. Proof of suitability and social investigation — is eliminatory and involves a thorough investigation of the candidate's conduct. It is important to maintain a history of suitability and ethical conduct to advance in the process;

  4. Oral test — also eliminatory and qualifying, the oral test tests the candidate's ability to speak verbally and answer questions effectively. It is an opportunity to present practical knowledge and communication skills;

  5. Title test — this stage is classificatory and allows candidates to present academic titles and relevant experiences to add points to their final classification.

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