UNBELIEVABLE: in Minas Gerais, a man has an arrow stuck in his back after a fight; look

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One fight between neighbors had a shocking outcome in Bom Jesus do Galho, in the east of Minas Gerais, during last Sunday (17).

In the Monte Cristo neighborhood, a 39-year-old man ended up injured with an arrow stuck in his back and was seriously injured.

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According to information from the local Military Police, the man affected was carrying out repairs on a motorcycle in the garage of his residence, when he was surprised by his neighbor, a 43-year-old man.

(Image: Reproduction/Portal Itatiaia)

The neighbor, unexpectedly, started shooting arrows at the victim, who ended up being hit in the stomach and back.

Despite this, the injured man demonstrated great courage and managed to get a firearm from his home, shooting at the aggressor neighbor, who then fled the scene of the crime.

After being hit by arrows, the injured man received help from a family member and was taken to a hospital.

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Arrow fight between neighbors

Due to the severity of his injuries, he was later taken to the Márcio Cunha Hospital, located in Ipatinga, in the Vale do Aço region. The injuries caused by the arrows required specialized medical care.

The police authorities also acted quickly, going to the victim's residence, where they seized the firearm that had been used by the man injured in the incident.

According to the wife of the arrow victim, the weapon was properly registered. Additionally, firearm projectiles and an arrow that had fallen in the garage were also collected as part of the evidence.

The gun owner was arrested and arrested, and is currently under police escort in the hospital.

The PM highlighted that there had been previous records of friction between neighbors, with the man who shot the arrows being considered a victim in other episodes. The investigation remains ongoing to clarify all aspects of the incident.

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