Did you get lazy? AMAZING image shows monkey resting on top of a deer; check out!

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Atsuyuki Ohshima, a talented Japanese photographer, has won a coveted prize in the renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, capturing a very rare interaction between a monkey and a deer.

The award is aimed at photography professionals who dedicate themselves to wildlife. With the very rare image of the primate “getting a ride”, the expert won!

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The emotional moment was recorded while the professional explored the lush forest on Yakushima Island, in Japan. You know those stories that we only believe by seeing? This is one of them!

Monkey hitches a ride on deer

Through his Instagram, Ohshima explained about the interaction between the two animals by revealing that the monkey used a branch as a springboard to mount the deer, a scene that probably occurred out of pure fun.

The image was titled “Forest Rodeo”, which means “Forest Rodeo”, capturing the unprecedented — and funny — essence of this unique moment in nature.

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(Image: Reproduction/Instagram/@ATYKOSM)

Scientists note that, although these interactions are rarely recorded, they occur relatively frequently in this region. It almost looks like a mirage, doesn't it?

Such observations reveal a fascinating aspect of animal behavior in nature. For example, monkeys have been documented removing insects from the backs of deer, demonstrating a kind of symbiotic relationship in which both animals benefit.

There are cases in which primates have been seen throwing fruit from trees towards the deer, which can also be an interesting form of interaction between the animals.

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