Find out if your account was hacked using this Google feature

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Google has revealed a new extension that has a security system in order to protect its users against password theft. This notifies users if their passwords have been hacked.

Generally, due to the features of “autosave“, most passwords for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are already filled in the system and this can facilitate the access for malicious people to information, since all the information they need is already gifts.

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The new feature is known as 'Google Chrome Password Checker‘. It is a Google extension that will inform you about the usage of your saved passwords and the number of times they have been used.

Here's how you can tell if your password has been hacked or not:

  • Before using this tool, make sure your browser is updated to Chrome 96 or later;
  • Open Google Chrome and go to Settings and select the option 'Autofill' and then select 'Passwords';
  • Once you've done that, select the 'Verified passwords' option.
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While writing this news, I took the test and found that I have 5 compromised passwords, so I quickly changed them all and used a strong password, to have a password like that you must consider the tips below.

Google warning about compromised passwords

Here's how you can keep your password strong:

In a recent survey by NordPass, “123456”, “123456789”, “Brasil”, “12345”, “102030”, “password”, “12345678” and “1234”, are the most used passwords in Brazil.

To prevent data theft, it is necessary to have different passwords for each location and all passwords must be strong.

The password to be considered strong must be at least 10 characters, and can be a favorite letter or a quote mixed with digits and special characters to add more security. Notably, no personal information should appear in passwords as it makes it easier for the hacker to break into the system.
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