Félix Rubén García Sarmiento

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Nicaraguan diplomat, writer and poet born in Metapa, later Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua, considered the creator of literary modernism in the Spanish language. Descended from a traditional family, he received solid religious training and, at a very young age, began working at the National Library. He soon embraced literature and gained much prestige thanks to books in which he revealed the influence of Spanish classics. He moved to Chile (1886), where he published Azul (1888), a collection of poetic texts in prose and verse, influenced by French Parnassianism, marking the birth of a new poetry and its first great work. After hectic years, during which he married twice and made his first trip to Europe.
Appointed consul of Colombia in Buenos Aires (1893) he began his diplomatic activity. He became a correspondent for the Argentine newspaper La Nación, and moved to Madrid (1898). He then took up residence in Paris (1899) and continued to travel frequently and returned as a diplomat to Spain (1908). Sick and with serious financial difficulties, he began a trip to the United States (1914), where he made a series of conferences and, with the growing weakness of his health, he decided to return to his native land and died in León, Nicaragua. Alongside his poetic work, he wrote short stories, journalistic articles and literary reviews. Among his great moments are the works Epistles and poems (1885), Profane Proses and other poems (1896), Cantos of life and hope (1905), El canto errante (1907), Poema del otoño and other poems (1908) and El viaje a Nicaragua (1909).

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Source: http://www.dec.ufcg.edu.br/biografias/

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Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/biografia/felix-ruben-garcia-sarmiento.htm


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