After all, how much water should we consume daily?

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A recent survey carried out by the University of Aberdeen, in the United Kingdom, came to the conclusion that the recommendation to drink 2 L of water daily is an exaggeration. O study takes into account human needs, as they may depend on the climate, where the individual lives and their age.

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How much water should we drink?

The research was published in the journal Science on November 25 of this year. The correct recommendation found by the researchers is that 1.3 L to 1.8 L daily is enough to meet human physiological needs. Consuming 2 L of water daily can be considered an excess, since previous studies did not take into account the amount of liquid we ingest when eating.

The study involved people aged between 8 days and 96 years who were spread across 23 countries. The method used made the individuals drink a glass of water with a stable isotope – called deuterium – replacing some hydrogen molecules.

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Deuterium is completely harmless to humans. Its use is justified purely by the desire to analyze the speed at which ingested water is transformed in the body.

The main factor analyzed was the energy expenditure of the participants. Those who spent the most energy were men between 20 and 35 years old, showing a turnover of water in the body of, on average, 4.2 L per day. As older they got, this turnover decreased. Among men in their 90s, the average was 2.5 L per day.

Female participants between the ages of 20 and 40 showed a daily average of 3.3 L, dropping to approximately 2.5 L when they were in their 90s.

Another factor that determines the need for consumption of this liquid is the environment. If it's hot, humid or at a high altitude, you need to consume more water. Pregnant women and active physical activity practitioners also need more water on a daily basis than other people.

Conclusion of the experiment

Finally, the professor of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, John Speakman, came in a note published by the faculty to explain that: “The renewal of water is not equals the need for liquid to be drunk (…) even if a man in his 20s has an average volume of water of 4.2 liters per day, he does not need to drink 4.2 liters per day. day. About 15% of this value reflects the exchange of water surface water and water produced from metabolism, so the actual intake required is about 3.6 liters per day.”

The professor concludes by saying that: “As most foods also contain water, a substantial amount is already provided by food alone”.

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