Behind jealousy: understand the causes and learn to deal with it

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We human beings carry various types of feelings, among many, we can highlight the jealousy. Do you, in particular, consider yourself a jealous person? It's okay if your answer is yes. But the point is the need to control this feeling.

Experts address why jealousy is caused and how to overcome it. Are you interested in knowing more about this subject? So, read on.

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Understand the reason for jealousy and know how to control it

First of all, we must emphasize that there is a big difference between envy and jealousy. The focus now is on the last mentioned feeling. He is nothing more than when you feel your relationship is being threatened by third parties.

Normally, this scenario is present when it involves relations romantic. However, nothing prevents it from also occurring in friendships or family contexts.

What are the main reasons for excessive jealousy?

Experts say that the causes can be many, however, there are the most common ones. We can cite, for example, low self-esteem and insecurity. These two motives are the strongest. Scientifically speaking, psychologists call this anxious attachment.

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Another important point is that there are more significant possibilities for you to feel jealous of your rivals, especially those who admire the same tributes as yours.

Is being jealous bad?

Looking at it from another perspective, having these kinds of emotions is not a bad thing, as it reveals that you care about your partner, friend, or stepchild.

Even when this feeling is shared, it is very likely that the scenario will change and the relationship will improve significantly.

How to overcome this excess of emotion?

If your situation happens to involve excessive jealousy, experts offer some guidelines. The first is to seek therapeutic help. These professionals have the ability to make you understand this feeling and then control it.

In addition, seek to explore alternatives that increase your self esteem and your safety. Invest in things that are good for you and learn to love yourself more. With time, you will notice that the jealousy disappears in a natural way.

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