Informativity vs. Common Sense. Informativeness in the newsroom

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In order to give support, liveliness to the subject that we propose to discuss, here is that a questioning emerges and constitutes an unquestionable relevance: what do you look for when reading a text? What expectations are formed through such a procedure?

First of all, it is not by chance that we affirm and reaffirm that reading, conceived as a source of cultural enrichment, as an improvement of the capacity argumentative and linguistic competence, presents itself as something essential to all of us, users of this estimable, rich and precious language - the language Portuguese. In this sense, we cannot see anyone who does it without any purpose, without any purpose, that is, inserted in such a context, we always seek to become a little more knowledgeable about a certain subject, isn't it? true? Well then, it is exactly from this aspect that the central point of our discussion lies - the informativeness.This element, conceived in its literal sense, has denotative characteristics related to the act of informing, that is, is characterized as competence, as the ability attributed to a given text to add new information to the interlocutor.

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Thus, it is not unreasonable to state that, similarly to so many other characteristics which add value to the discourse, making it precise, the informativity it needs to be adjusted to the profile of the interlocutors, to the communicative purpose to which the discourse lends itself, to the enunciative context, in short. All this translated into other words, that is, there are texts that portray a degree of informativity greater than others, when it comes to those who circulate in the journalistic environment, for example, such as news, reporting, among others. Thus, they need to form a averagedegree information, precisely to meet the expectations of the public that awaits them. Now, referring to academic texts, above all, it is worth noting that these need to be constituted of a highest degree, of course.

Certain that this subject would yield a heated and intense discussion, let us focus on emphasizing about another aspect, explicitly contradictory to the element we have just elected, that is, we are referring to to the common sense, considered as that procedure that adds nothing to the discourse. As the name itself says, it is an "information" (if it can be called that) revealed by an intense judgment of value, that is, it is not constituted by consistent arguments, on the contrary, are defined as expressions totally exempt from scientific proof, which is why they should be disregarded to any cost.

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -

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