Meaning of However (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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However it is a adversative coordination conjunction used to link prayers, which has the opposition or contrast meaning.

However, it is a conjunction used to also express a compensation, that is, when something happens the way it was not expected. Example: I tried to get to the meeting early, but I was late.

The word "however" has the same meaning as the conjunctions "but", "however", "however", "however", "however" and "notwithstanding", however, the use of each one of them will depend on the context of the phrase.


He bought a new car, but he didn't know how to drive.

She did not prepare for the competition, however she was classified.

In English, the word "however" has several translations, among them "but" and "however".


My husband loves horror movies, but I hate them. / My husband loves horror movies, yet I hate them.

They didn't believe him; however, he didn't give up. / They didn't believe him; however, he did not give up.

See too: Examples of the use of notwithstanding and its meaning.

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