Meaning of Partial (What it is, Concept and Definition)

partial is what corresponds to part of a total, that is, that it belongs to a whole.

One partial judgment it is considered unfair and incorrect, as it only analyzes part of a situation, ignoring its general point of view. In the case of a conflict between two parties, for example, a partial court will choose to defend one side and accuse the other, ignoring the latter's arguments.

One partial payment corresponds to part of the total amount to be paid. In some stores, for example, there are products that are sold under two forms of payment: partial and in cash. Partial payment, as said, is made in installments that are usually monthly.

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Under Civil Law, the Partial Communion of Goods is one of the types of communions available to those who decide to get married civilly, stipulating the rules of how the couple's assets should be managed during and after the wedding, in case of divorce. Basically, Partial Property Communion represents that all property acquired by the couple after marriage becomes the property of both.

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A partial result consists in part of a result, not representing the final decision of the result, but just a preview.

Example: "The partial result of the elections is now available".

Etymologically, the word partial originated from the late Latin partialis, and means "part" or "portion".

Some of the main synonyms of partial they are: segmentary, fragmentary, fractional, incomplete, unfinished, imperfect, limited, factious, unfair, unfair, biased, and partisan.

partial and impartial

They are opposite words and represent the opposite of each other.

As said, partial is part of a whole or who takes sides on the one hand, regardless of the total veracity of the facts.

When talking about partial journalism, for example, means that it is biased and manipulates information in order to benefit the sides it defends.

Impartial, on the other hand, corresponds to a right and fair judgment, as he does not take a favorable or contrary side on either side, observing the situation solely based on the facts presented.

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