Understand the differences between baccalaureate, degree and technologist

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Bachelor's degree, degree and technologist are types of graduation. The main difference between baccalaureate and teaching degree is the career that the professional can pursue after graduation. The technologist course is focused on working in a specific area.

The bachelor will directly practice the profession of his choice. The degree prepares the subject to teach his trade, giving classes at fundamental and medium levels.

For example, while a mathematician could work in the financial market, a mathematician would work as a mathematician.

The technologist will perform functions related to the course. It is usually a type of course chosen by those who want to quickly enter the job market.

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bachelor degree Graduation Technologist
Job market The professional is trained to act more broadly. Aimed at anyone who wants to become a teacher in the area. Aimed at training professionals at a higher level in specific areas of work in the job market.
Performance He actively pursues his chosen profession. Teaches about the course you have chosen, usually at elementary and high school levels. Works in the branch in which your studies are included.
You can teach No. Yes. No.
Title Bachelor Licensed. Technologist.
Example Administration, architecture, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law, engineering, journalism, advertising. Social sciences, geography, mathematics, history, biological sciences, philosophy, physics, letters, chemistry. Environmental management, radiology, aircraft maintenance, marketing, digital games, interior design.

What is Bachelor's Degree?

The baccalaureate will prepare the student to work directly in the chosen profession. This is the case of courses in Law, Engineering, Journalism, among others. The bachelor will also be able to choose more broadly in which area to work.

For example, the Bachelor of Mathematics can choose from several areas. Among them: accounting, positions in the financial market or in the area of ​​technology, while the Mathematics graduate will work only teaching.

However, the bachelor is not able to teach classes. Only in the case that, during graduation, in addition to having completed their curriculum, they have taken courses related to education.

What is a degree?

The degree courses aim to enable students to teach their trade, giving classes on the chosen course. Graduates can teach at fundamental and secondary levels, in public and private schools or work with private classes.

Therefore, the main areas of the degree are linked to basic education disciplines. Examples are mathematics, biology, physics, geography, chemistry, etc.

Bachelor's degree x Degree

Some courses are exclusive to the baccalaureate, such as Engineering, Law, Publicity and Propaganda, Journalism, Medicine, among others. On the other hand, virtually all degree courses also exist as a bachelor's degree. This is the case of courses such as History, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Literature.

When considering the career to be followed by the professional, the Bachelor of Social Sciences could work as a political scientist or sociologist. The graduate would work as a high school sociology teacher.

Another example would be the Bachelor of Physical Education, who could work as a personal trainer in a gym. The licensee would teach Physical Education in schools.


Many of the bachelor's and teaching degrees have the same curricular base in the initial period of college. Thus, students learn the same content in the first semesters.

But from a certain point it must be defined which area to follow. If you opt for the degree, the student must take courses related to education, such as didactics, pedagogy and psychology, in order to be able to teach classes.

What is a technologist?

Higher technology courses are a relatively recent innovation and serve to train professionals at a higher level over a period of two to three years.

To take a technologist course, you must have completed high school. So, it is necessary to participate in a selection process at an educational institution that offers this type of course.

Classes are mostly practical, but the student also has contact with theoretical subjects to fully develop their skills.

There are several technology courses recognized by the Ministry of Education. These are divided into areas such as environment and health, control and industrial processes, management and business, information and communication, among others.

It is important not to confuse the technologist course with the technical course. The difference is that the first is at a higher level, while the technical course is at a medium level.

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