Below or below: how to use?

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Down or under? “Below” and “below” are expressions that exist in the Portuguese language. Thus, the adverb “below” means “towards the lowest place of”, “towards the ground” and “in the lowest place”. As an interjection, the word “below” is used in protest. “a low” is an expression formed by the preposition “a” plus the adjective “low”, and can also be used as an adverbial phrase.

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Below” or “below”: which one is correct?

Both expressions exist in the Portuguese language. The use of these expressions will depend on the context.. After all, “below” is an adverb or interjection. “a low” is an expression formed by the union of the preposition “a” with the adjective “low”, but it can also act as an adverbial phrase.

When to use "below"?

We use the adverb “below” means:

  • toward the lowest place of:

we roll the street below after falling off the motorcycle.

  • toward the ground:

the tiles came below with the wind.

  • in lower place:

There below, more houses will be built.

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But the term “below” can also be used as interjection, in protest:

Below authoritarianism!

Below the dictator!

When to use "below"?

The expression "below" is formed by the preposition “a” plus the adjective "low":

We can do a makeover below cost.

It's hard to get a property below price.

It can also play the role of adverbial phrase, as opposed to another phrase:

searched me from highbelow.

scribbled on the wall from abovebelow.

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Questions related to "below" and "below"

Undersigned or undersigned?

The word “undersigned” is a substantive and refers to a document signed by several people who, through it, make a request or protest:

Mercia just signed a undersigned against deforestation.

To refer to one of the persons who sign such document, we use the expression “the undersigned”:

the resident undersigned is one of those requesting the preservation of the city's green areas.

Lower or download?

The verb “to lower” means “to make lower”, “to make descend”, “to incline”, “to move down” or “to decrease”:

the manufacturers lowered the heel of the shoe.

clesion turned it down the window curtain.

if lower the head, no one will respect you.

Do not forget lower the eyes before a wild animal.

Necessary lower the water temperature.

The verb “download” can be synonymous with “down” (“to decrease”, “to incline”, “to move down”):

the dollar downloaded today.

He downloaded head and wept.

The policeman asked the woman to go down the gun.

And it can also mean “pass to a lower level”, “publish”, “make download” or “embed”:

we download up to the first floor.

the president downloaded the decree.

Geraldo downloaded several books in the public domain.

the orisha downloaded in the beautiful man.

By Warley Souza
Portuguese teacher

Source: Brazil School -

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