Extender or Extender: How To Spell?

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Extend or extend? Many people are confused about the writing of the verb "extend" on account of the noun "extension". However, the verb is always written with the letter “s”, and the form “extend” does not exist. The noun “extension” is written with the letter “x”.

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Topics of this article

  • 1 - Summary about extend or extend
  • 2 - “Extend” or “extend”: which one is correct?
  • 3 - What does “extend” mean?

Summary about extend or extend

  • The verb "to extend" is written with the letter "s".

  • It can mean expand, unfold, hang, lay down, deliver, among other synonyms.

  • There is no word "extend" with the letter "x".

  • The noun “extension” is written with the letter “x”.

Extender” or “extend”: which one is correct?

The verb "extend" is written with the letter "s", according to normative grammar. There is no verb “to extend”, with the letter “x”. Confusion in writing occurs because of the

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substantive “extension”, written with the letter “x”.

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What does "extend" mean?

The verb "extend" can have different meanings depending on the context.. Let's get to know them through some of their synonyms below.

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  • Expand, increase, make more extensive:


I go extend the deadline for delivery of your project.

the committee extended the list of requirements to participate in the contest.

  • Unfold, Stretch:


Let's go extend that canvas.

I still do not extended the sheet on the bed.

  • To hang:


Necessary extend the clothes on the clothesline.

They will extend posters coming soon.

  • Present, offer, deliver:


She extended hand to him in submission.

extended her the gift I had brought her.

  • lie down, spread out:

In this context, there is a pronominal verb, i.e. "extend". Examples:

You are going extend in the sand?

They are very fond of extend in the sun.

  • To last, to lengthen, to prolong:

In this context, there is a pronominal verb, i.e. "extend". Examples:

We hope that the entrance of godparents and godparents at the altar will not extend very.

I I stretched too much during my speech.

By Guilherme Viana
Grammar Teacher

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VIANA, William. "Extend or extend?"; Brazil School. Available in: https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/gramatica/extender-ou-estender.htm. Accessed May 22, 2023.

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