Opinion article: features, structure and how to get started

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An opinion piece is a opinionated text. In this type of article, the author presents his point of view and his opinion on a subject, that is, the text reflects the personal impressions of the writer.

The opinion article is characterized by being a argumentative text, that is, when writing, the author demonstrates the reasons that lead him to have that opinion. This is done with the aim of convincing the reader of your point of view.

Opinion articles are mainly found in the media such as newspapers, magazines and social media and are usually published by journalists or columnists.

Opinion Article Structure

The structure of an opinion article is simple, formed by three main parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

  • Introduction: is the beginning of the text, when the author presents and contextualizes the subject he will discuss.
  • Development: is the central part of the article. In the following paragraphs the writer can address various aspects of the subject, presenting and defending his opinion. He uses argumentation and presents justifications to convince the reader. It is the longest part of the text.
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  • Conclusion: at the end of the text the author concludes the reasoning presented to the reader. It is important to present possible solutions to the issue discussed in the text.

How to start an opinion piece?

As we have seen, the opinion article must start with the introduction, that is, with the presentation of the topic that will be discussed in the text.

But, before starting to write, it's good to be well informed about the chosen subject. To make it easier, see some tips:

  • study about the subject you want to discuss, know the topic well. The more information you have, the easier it will be to write.
  • Read different opinions that have already been given on the subject, even opinions contrary to yours.
  • Think about the possible doubts or criticisms of the reader to answer them throughout the text;
  • Use reliable sources and present data on the subject.

Characteristics of an opinion article

The main features of an opinion article are:

  • In general, the topics covered are very current or controversial issues;
  • They are often written in the first or third person;
  • Use of catchy titles to get the reader's attention;
  • The argument presented is aimed at convincing the reader;
  • Use of objective and easy-to-understand language;
  • The article is signed by the writer.

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