Craft: what is it, types, features, model

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O craft is a textual genre belonging to the technical writing that has legal value. It is used in order to communicate, request or request something to a particular public or private body or even between authorities.

As it is an important document in offices, its language is required to be clear and direct. In other words, the message must present only the essential, to avoid confusion and duplicity of meaning.

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Topics in this article

  • 1 - Summary about craft
  • 2 - Video lesson on craft
  • 3 - What is craft?
  • 4 - Types of craft
  • 5 - Characteristics and structure of the craft
  • 6 - How to make a craft?
  • 7 - Craft model
  • 8 - Example of a trade

Summary about craft

  • The official letter is a document with legal value dedicated to official communication between public bodies, companies or even authorities with the function of requesting, requesting, etc.

  • The most commonly used types of letter are: communication letter, solicitation letter, sponsorship letter and legal letter.

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  • The letter has the following structure: header, letter numbering and year, place and date, body text, farewell and signature.

  • As it is an official writing, impersonality, denotative language, concise text written in a standard standard and the referential function prevail.

Video lesson about craft

What is craft?

The craft is a documentdestined official communication between public bodies, companies or even authorities. It contains orders, requests or information that have legal value.

types of craft

Crafts can be typified as to their purpose. Therefore, we have:

  • Communication office: used to inform something within the scope of public or private power and their respective administrations, for example.

  • Request letter: used when the administration needs to make certain demands, and the document is used to make the requests.

  • Sponsorship: used in fundraising for projects. It is very common in non-governmental organizations in the process of formalizing aid for the activities to be carried out.

  • Legal Office: issued by the judge in order to obtain information from certain authorities on a specific matter. It is common to find the legal profession aimed at lawyers or their clients.

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Character and structure of the craft

As a technical text, the letter presents the features that underlie what is conventionally called technical writing or official writing. Therefore, the letter must present:

  • denotative language;

  • concise text;

  • written in the standard norm of the Portuguese language;

  • predominance of referential function (text intended exclusively for the subject addressed in the message).

Concerning structure, there is in the craft:

  • header with information from the agency/sector, mailing address and other contact information;

  • number of the office and year;

  • place and date;

  • body of text with information about the request, application, etc.;

  • farewell (“yours sincerely”, “cordily”, etc.);

  • signature.

How to make a craft?

To make a craft, it is important be aware of the subject to be addressed so that you can adapt it to the type of job appropriate to what you want to communicate. Furthermore, it is important know the characteristics and structure of the craft, since it is a technical text and has specific characteristics, such as formality and a relatively fixed model.

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craft model


Mailing address

Occupation number and year

Place, day, month and year

Recipient's name

Destination location (if not online)

Sir (name),

(Text body)

Yours sincerely,



example of craft

Goiás Department of Education

X Street, no. 1

Official Letter No. 300/2021

Goiania, August 31, 2021

His Excellency Mr Cristóvão

Mr Christopher,

I request the release of the necessary documents so that we can guarantee the Fundeb budget for the schools at the beginning of this academic semester.

Yours sincerely,


State deputy — Alego Fundeb Commission

By Rafael Camargo de Oliveira
Writing teacher

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