5 ways to study Geography without reading books: find out which ones

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Can you study Geography without reading books? Well, this is the closest science to everyday life we ​​have today, and there are several ways to take a practical class around the world to learn. This alternative study may involve going for walks, watching TV, and even geography games, for example.

Topics in this article

  • 1 - What is Geography
  • 2 - Why study Geography?
  • 3 - How to study Geography without using books

What is Geography

Geography is the sum of Latin words geo (Earth) and spelling (description), that is, “description of the Earth”, in the literal sense. It is the field of study that studies the relationship between human beings and the environment that surrounds them. This is true of landscape, relief and political relationships between human beings themselves.

Then, Geography is not limited to the physical structure of the planet (relief, climate, etc.), she also studies the relationship between people and where they live. That's why, if you look very carefully around you, Geography is there.

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A geographer's job can involve several missions, such as:

  • draw up maps;
  • analyze social issues;
  • study economic and environmental issues;
  • develop population statistics;
  • create urban planning to reduce environmental impact;
  • study migration flows;
  • among others.

Why study Geography?

You must have already caught yourself thinking: “What am I going to use Geography for in my future?”. Learning Geography is a way of become aware of the world we live in and connect to it.

With Geography, you understand history, the interaction between cultures and even how the climate influences the way a society is. Civilizations are not as far apart as you might think.

You don't have to go that far to notice — Brazil itself is the perfect example. Darcy Ribeiro would already say: “There are several Brazils within one.” The presence of several countries at different times in Brazil (Holland, Portugal, Italy, Japan, among many others) directly influenced the culture of different regions of the country.

How to Study Geography Without Using Books

You can already understand that Geography is present in our daily lives. So, nothing fairer than being able to study this discipline on a daily basis without having to open a single book!

So, here are five ways to study Geography that don't involve the classroom.

1. Geography Games

You must already spend a lot of time in front of a screen playing (or at least you would like to), right? so why not use the gamesin your favor?

There are a multitude of games that challenge your knowledge and that can help you study Geography. For those who are having difficulty with maps, states or countries, the following games can help:

  • Snappy Maps — virtual puzzles that challenge the player to put states and countries in the correct place.
  • Guess Countries — games where the player need to correctly name each state or country.
  • Venture: Capital — in it, you need to guess the capitals of each US state.

2. tours

It's time to get off the couch and go for a walk. You can start with a walk around your neighborhood. How many ups and downs does your street have? Is there a river there? What is the social class of the people who live there?

Do not stop now... There's more after the ad ;)

Another good outing that can be a rich — and fun — way of studying Geography is visiting museums. Whether from the history of civilizations or even about dinosaurs, there is a lot to learn and discover in museums.

If you want to go a little further, you can visit Geology, Astronomy museums or even snoop through a telescope to take a look at the Universe.

3. Photography

Now it's time to take your cell phone out of your pocket, turn on the camera and learn Geography. Looking at the world through a photographic lens is a way of expand your gaze and change the way you look at a landscape, whether urban or natural.

Photograph the environments you pass through and then try to notice things that you don't normally pay attention to. You will be surprised at what you will find.

4. Watch newspapers, read magazines and view social media

Informing yourself and being aware of what is happening in the world is essential to study this subject. News is the portrait of the construction of Geography.If you stop to think about it, a conflict, war or even the hole in the street is the portrait of something that this science studies.

In the case of conflict, it may have been caused by an old social or territorial dispute, for example. The hole could be there because of geological erosion or even a river that was covered with an avenue.

The same goes for social networks, which are a huge showcase of places and people different from you. Outside of them, you might not be able to get in touch with these new landscapes and situations.

5. question

Don't accept everything you see. Don't understand why there are people in a different financial situation than you know? Want to know how your Italian grandmother ended up in Brazil? Are you curious about a neighborhood full of Japanese people in your city?

Question! Ask whoever arrived before you.Get to know the stories, experiences and reports of those around you.

These are tips that basically aim to change the way you see yourself in the world. Did you see how studying Geography can also be fun?

By Brazil School

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