5 techniques for setting your goals

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Nova Educa is an educational consultancy that will bring tips so that young people can, from an early age, learn to innovate and undertake, discovering countless possibilities for building a future promising.

We've already talked about goals and how we should look to achieve them, but there are techniques that can collaborate with our dreams. Planning your goals is complex., so understanding them before starting is very important, and know how to strategically design your steps is critical to achieving success.

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5 techniques for setting your goals

1. SMART method

Useful format for determine possible targets to achieve and that bring real results to a person or company. To use, follow some formats in the meta:

  • specific: Instead of thinking vague and abstract ideas, have clear and certain goals in mind. This will make your job a lot easier.

  • measurable: You can't achieve a goal without following it closely, so make sure you can measure your progress as you pursue the goal.

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  • achievable: it is important that you are realistic and know what you will be able to accomplish.

  • relevant: How will your goal influence your life or the lives of others?

  • storms: what is the deadline to complete your goal? Without it, it's easier to "push with your belly" and leave the more complicated tasks for later.

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2. Build an action plan

Create the step by step, clearly, and visualize how you will accomplish it. Setting up an action plan involves deciding:

  • marketing strategies;

  • processes improvement;

  • relationships;

  • the product; and

  • business aspects.

Think about scope, schedule and activities.

3. Break goals into smaller tasks

Big goals can seem impossible to achieve. In these cases, what usually happens is a vicious cycle that prevents the person from coming out of inertia. the solution is Breaking big goals into smaller, simpler tasks. That way, you will be executing your projects and, when you least realize it, you will be arriving at your final destination.

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4. Keep goals simple

The more complex your goals, the harder it is to understand how to achieve them. It is, again, about focus. Therefore, your wish must be very simple, focus on just one achievement at a time. This helps to direct efforts, without generating burnout or abandonment for not knowing how to deal with the situation.

5. track your progress

Goals need to be tracked, only then will you know how close you are to achieving them, whether you need to make adjustments or reevaluate your plans. There are many ways to track your progress, especially when it comes to business objectives, which have metrics dedicated to evaluating every aspect of a company.

By Nova Educate

Nova Educa is an educational consultancy focused on developing projects in schools involving Apple Technology, with the implementation of iPads and teacher training. In addition, it also conducts the Nova Educa Debate podcast, with interviews about the educational market and the BNCC on entrepreneurship and innovation content. We will have several consultants collaborating with this column, which will be led by the innovation director, Carlos Coelho, education enthusiast with multinational experience at Singularity University (California) as a teacher and manager school; and we will have Priscila Coelho, director of operations, specialist in educational technology training, creativity and innovation.


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