Meaning of Bad Character (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Bad character is an adjective that qualifies the individual who has a negative, doubtful character, capable of disloyal acts, malicious and treacherous. A bad person is not considered trustworthy and honest.

The correct way to spell this word is bad character. the spelling "bad character" or "bad character" is wrong and does not exist in the Portuguese language. The plural of bad-character is bad-characters.

A bad character is one who acts with bad character, that is, according to a morally incorrect behavior, based on falsehood and disloyalty and with the absence of scruples.

Example: "The bad character of the politician makes him corrupt".

Some of the main synonyms of bad character are: lard; flea; mariola; dishonest; decadence; rogue; scoundrel; rascal; cad; rogue and rascal.

A bad character is the opposite of a person who has character (a good character), that is, an honest, correct, firm behavior that is based on other qualities that follow a morality.

See also:meaning of character.
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