Examples of figures of speech

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Figures of speech are linguistic resources used in the Portuguese language for enrich or give more emphasis to texts. They can also be used to give a different meaning to the presented context.

In figures of speech, a word or expression is used in a different sense than usual, that is, it is used taking on a new meaning within the context.

There are many types of speech figures. To better understand, let's know some examples of the most used figures:


It is the use of a word with a different meaning than usual. The word is used instead in sentences or situations in which the object referred to in the sentence does not have a specific name.


  • The recipe also takes three cloves of garlic.
  • The soup was so hot! I burned the roof of my mouth.
  • Watch out! The table leg is broken.

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A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one word is used to replace another by the similarity of meaning that they have.

The comparison normally takes place in the figurative sense of the chosen expression.

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  • She is a mother lion.
  • That child is an angel.
  • Give it up, no more punching with a knife point.

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In the euphemism, an expression is used for smooth the information that you want to transmit. Figure of speech is often used in negative situations, when you want to reduce the impact of information.


  • He was asked to leave the company.
  • Her little dog went to heaven.
  • John was punished by his mother because he broke the truth.

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In irony, words are used with a different meaning than what is intended to be expressed. In this figure of speech, the words used used indicate the opposite of what they really mean.


  • He studied so much that he didn't get any question right on the exam.
  • I was very happy that you were late.
  • I arrived at the airport and missed my flight. Was all I wanted!

To better understand, read about irony and see others examples of using irony.


In pleonasm there is redundancy, that is, two or more words are used that have the same meaning and convey an idea already explained in the text.

This figure of speech can be used when you want to reinforce an idea already said.


  • When you find the ladder, just climb up.
  • I'm going to divide the watermelon into two equal halves.
  • She said the delivery was delayed until later.

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In the antithesis, words that have opposite senses, that is, terms with meanings opposite to each other. The use of antithesis can help to highlight an idea of ​​contrast desired by the author of the text.


  • Sadness and joy are part of our life.
  • He thought about it day and night.
  • Joana goes to class every day, rain or shine.

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The characteristic of hyperbole is the expression of an exaggeration. In this figure of speech, the use of exaggeration happens intentionally to give more prominence to the transmitted idea.


  • I spent the whole day dying of sleep.
  • She spent hours waiting to find a parking space.
  • Her crying made a vale of tears.

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The anaphora is a figure of speech that uses the repetition of terms. In this figure of speech, the word is taken up throughout the text to highlight the message idea, leaving it in evidence.


  • "É wound that hurts and doesn't feel, é a discontented contentment, é pain that exasperates without hurting". (Luís de Camões)
  • Is it over there didn't go to class yesterday, Is it over there was traveling.

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