Meaning of Fleeting (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Fleeting is an adjective of two genders in the Portuguese language originating from the Latin term fugaxand that describes something fast what run away or run fast. In the figurative sense it means something transitional or ephemeral.

Fleeting is something that is fleeting, doesn't last long and that's why it is related to the verbs to escape and flee. As far as etymology is concerned, this word gave rise to the term "fugitive".

"Everything was going very well until one day it suddenly ended. It was another fleeting love affair."

Some people have doubts about the spelling of this word. The correct form is fleeting and not fleeting. Perhaps this doubt had its origins in the play on words found in the song "Fullgás" by Marina Lima.

There are many artistic representations related to the word and the fleeting concept. This is because fleeting is one of the characteristics of life. In the world of music, we have the example of the song "Apenas Mais Uma de Amor" by artist Lulu Santos, who mentions: I think it's so beautiful / Of being abstract baby / Beauty is really so fleeting.

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