Guatemala. Guatemala Data

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Located in Central America, Guatemala borders Mexico on the west and north, Belize and on the east. Honduras, to the south with El Salvador, besides being bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean (Sea do Caribbean).
Located in western Central America, the country has territory subject to earthquakes, and cut by two mountain ranges, the Madre mountain range and the Cuchumatanes mountain range, with peaks and volcanoes that exceed 4 thousand meters in length. altitude.
It was the main center of the Mayan civilization between the 4th and 9th centuries. It is a nation marked by opposition among indigenous people of Mayan origin (almost half of the inhabitants), who exert strong influence on national culture, and the Spanish-origin elite, which controls economic production and political power in the parents.
On the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, there are coastal plains in which agricultural activity takes place. (main economic activity in the country), based on tropical export crops such as coffee, sugar and banana. The Guatemalan industrial sector is the largest among Central American nations.

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Coat of Arms of Guatemala

Guatemala data:
Territorial extension: 108,889 km².
Location: Central America.
Capital: City of Guatemala.
Tropical weather.
Government: Presidential Republic.
President: Álvaro Colom Caballeros.
Administrative division: 22 departments.
Languages: Spanish (official), regional languages.
Religion: Christianity 97.7% (Catholics 84.3%, Protestants 12.7%, others 0.7%), no religion or atheism 1.8%, others 0.5%.
Population: 14,026,947 inhabitants. (Men: 6,835,693; Women: 7,191,254).
Ethnic Composition: Euramerindian 56%, Amerindian 41%, Chinese 3%.
Demographic density: 128.8 inhab/km².
Average annual population growth rate: 2.48%.
Population residing in urban areas: 48.99%.
Population residing in rural areas: 51.01%.
Undernourished population: 16%.
Life expectancy at birth: 70 years.
Households with access to clean water: 96%.
Households with access to a health network: 84%.
Human Development Index (HDI): 0.560 (average).
Currency: Quetzal.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): US$33,432 million.
GDP per capita: 2,504 of US$.
External relations: World Bank, IMF, Rio Group, OAS, WTO, UN.

By Wagner de Cerqueira and Francisco
Graduated in Geography
Brazil School Team

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