New High School: MEC releases schedule for implementation

This Wednesday, July 14, the Ministry of Education (MEC) published in the Official Gazette (DOU) the schedule for the implementation of the New High School.

See the Ordinance

The changes are valid for public and private schools, will be progressive and will start as early as 2022. Starting next year, the new guidelines will be applied to 1st year high school classes. In 2023, the change also reaches the 2nd year and, in 2024, it will be completed with the 3rd year classes.

What will the New High School look like?

Among the main changes in secondary education are the expansion of the workload and a new curricular structure. To the 2,400 hours of workload, another 600 hours will be added. In other words, students will have to work 3,000 hours, 1,000 hours per year.

Regarding the structure, there will be a basic curriculum that will follow the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC) as a reference, following the competences of the four areas of knowledge (Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Human Sciences). As well as there will be the training grids, offering students a deepening in the desired areas or in technical and professional training.

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The proposal for the New High School was sanctioned in 2017, in the government of Michel Temer. However, the timetable for implementation had not yet been defined by the MEC.

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Between 2022 and 2024, monitoring and continuing education of education professionals must also be carried out in order to align with the requirements of the BNCC.

Enem 2024

With the changes in high school starting next year, in 2024 the National High School Examination (And either) must also be reformulated to meet the guidelines of the new teaching format.

See how the elaboration of the New Enem should be done:

  • In 2021: elaboration and consolidation of the preliminary version of the evaluation matrices of the four knowledge areas;
  • In 2022: pedagogical validation of the matrices of the four areas of knowledge and preparation of the final version; preparation of the basic exam document; publication of the Enem ordinance, according to the guidelines of the New High School;
  • In 2024: application of Enem according to the guidelines of the New High School.

For more information, access the MEC website.

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