Violence against women

Violence against women is considered any act of omission or aggression based on gender. Violence is considered if it causes "death, injury, physical, sexual or psychological suffering and moral or property damage".

Types of violence against women

The types of violence against women are defined in the Maria da Penha Law (Law No. 11.340/06), as:

1. Physical violence

Physical violence occurs when there is some risk to the woman's bodily integrity or health.

Physical violence manifests itself mainly in:

  • slaps, kicks, punches
  • strangulation, suffocation, forced immobilization
  • object throw
  • injuries by firearm or bladed weapons (sharp or piercing objects)
  • burn injuries

2. Psychological violence

Psychological violence is considered to be any action that can cause emotional damage, to self-esteem or that restricts freedom and self-determination and puts your psychological health at risk.

Psychological violence manifests itself in:

  • insults, humiliation, ridicule
  • threats, manipulation, blackmail
  • persecution
  • violation of privacy and intimacy
  • control of behaviors and actions
  • restrictions on the right to come and go, to education and information
  • constant control
  • exploration

3. sexual violence

Sexual violence is the conduct in which a woman is forced to witness, perform or participate in sexual intercourse against her will. It is also considered sexual violence actions that prevent or limit their sexual and reproductive rights.

Sexual violence manifests itself in:

  • rape - forcing sexual intercourse through the use of force, blackmail, manipulation, threat or inability to express consent
  • imposition of unwanted or repudiated sexual acts
  • impose or deny the use of contraceptive methods
  • force or cause abortion
  • impose pregnancy, marriage or prostitution

4. property violence

Patrimonial violence is understood as any act that results in economic damage to women's assets or assets.

Patrimonial violence manifests itself in:

  • robbery, theft or damage to personal property
  • document destruction
  • intentionally damage work material
  • intentionally damage objects of financial or emotional value
  • constant control over money and expenses

5. moral violence

Moral violence is any act of insult, slander and defamation that violates a woman's moral integrity.

Moral violence manifests itself in:

  • false accusations
  • publication or exhibition of intimate life
  • insinuations or speeches that attack the woman's nature

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