What is Science?

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Science is the knowledge that explains phenomena by obeying laws that have been verified by experimental methods.

Science is based on the regularity, prediction and control of phenomena that can be observed.

science concept

Science is a way of knowing based on a method, the scientific method. The method is the way science works, it is based on observation, experimentation and the production of theories and laws.

Theories are constantly tested, aiming at their proof or replacement by another theory that resists checking.

The objective of science is to explain, describe and predict phenomena from the development of methodological procedures that can be constantly verified and reproduced.

outline of the scientific method
Structure of the scientific method and theory development

Features of science:

  • Objective: science is knowledge that presupposes objectivity, that is, it seeks to be impartial, with the minimal influence of personal interests, with clear, rigorous and precise language to avoid ambiguities.
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  • Verifiable: all scientific theories are put to the test. Theories that do not stand up to verification are discarded. The verification must be carried out by the scientist himself or by anyone else and also passes through the judgment of the scientific community.
  • Subsidiary: all elements of the sciences must be controlled to enable their verification and reproduction.
  • Logic: science is knowledge based on logic, it does not accept contradictions.

Common sense

O common sense it is common knowledge. Unlike science, it has no rigor or proof, it is based only on belief. It is enough for a person or group to believe, this type of knowledge can be treated as if it were true knowledge.

Common sense is a subjective knowledge, it varies from person to person and from group to group.

It is based on everyday experiences, so it is also called empirical knowledge. It starts from a superficial observation of reality, looking for explanations that may seem reasonable or credible.


Technology is the set of practices and knowledge of a given theoretical field based on a scientific ideal.

It can also be defined as the study and process of methods used to transform and master the environment.

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