God Dionysus: God of Wine in Greek Mythology

Dionysus (or Dionysus) is the Greek god of wine, festivals and one of the most important gods in Greek mythology.

In addition to having the knowledge of making wine, he possessed the power to create powerful drugs. Dionysus is also considered the Greek god of nature, fertility, joy and theater.

Inspiring fertility, he is also called the god of libido and in Roman mythology his name is Bacchus.

Representation of Dionysus


The most common representation of Dionysus is associated with wine, where he often appears holding a goblet in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other.

His image is of a man with a beard and his expression demonstrates the effect of drunkenness. Therefore, the appearance of alcohol-induced happiness in Dionysius' representations is common. In some versions, he appears naked and in others, holding a cloak made of a lion or leopard.

Myth of Dionysus

Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele, who died in childbirth. victim of a trap of Ivy, Semele was taken aback and exploded when Zeus appeared in front of him in human form.

Dionysus was saved by his father and, because of this event, they claim that he was born twice.

In the face of Zeus's splendor, Semele was torn to shreds and so was the boy. Zeus then saved his heart and sewed it to his thigh, where it remained until birth.

Continually pursued by Hera, Dionysus is created by a protector under Zeus' orders. That's how he learns the art of making wine. His figure is always associated with a vine and is represented in the company of many people.

Dionysius married Ariadne, daughter of the king of minos, who, however, was in love with Theseus.


In Roman mythology, where he is known as Bacchus, there was a festival called Bacchanal. This party was prohibited for inducing alcohol consumption, orgies and embarrassing situations.

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