Senses of the Human Body

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O Human Body is composed of five senses: a eyesight, O smell, O taste, a hearing it's the tact.

They are part of the sensory system, responsible for sending the information obtained to the central nervous system which, in turn, analyzes and processes the information received.

Senses of the Human BodyFive senses

These capacities are related to organs or parts of the human body (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands) and correspond to the perceptions of men in the world.

They are carried out through the process of translation, analysis and processing of sensory information, which often determined the survival of humans as well as animals on the planet Earth.

The five senses


You eyes are the bodies responsible for the direction of eyesight, once they visualize the object and send the message to the brain that decodes it, interpreting it.


O nose is the body responsible for the sense of smell, that is, the property of smelling or smelling things.

In this way, the nose picks up odors and sends the message to the brain, which processes the information.

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THE tongue is the body responsible for the sense of taste, as it captures and distinguishes the taste of food (salty, sweet, sour, bitter), in addition to the sensations of hot and cold.

Thus, the taste buds decode taste and send the information to the brain.


You ears are the bodies responsible for hearing, as they detect outside sounds, noises and noises, and send these messages to the brain, which interprets them.


O tact is characterized by touch sensation and, therefore, it is related to the contact with the skin, through the sensory neurons responsible for sending messages to the brain.

Although it is often related to the hands, this human sense involves any type of sensation experienced by the skin, whether by the feet, belly, legs, among others.

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  • The call "sixth Sense” refers to extra sensory perception, often based on spirituality. Furthermore, it is said that women have the sharpest sixth sense.
  • It has been proven that people who suffer from a disability related to the sensory system end up developing and sharpening others senses, for example, a blind person who develops more his ability to hear or even to feel, such as books in Braille for the disabled visuals.

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