Meaning of Praise (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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praise is a favorable comment or observation about a certain thing, normally used to highlight someone's positive aspects.

People give praise as a way of showing satisfaction about something that has been done by other individuals. A compliment can also bring out a certain quality in someone, praising their positive characteristics.

When someone is praised, their self-esteem is increased, making them feel motivated to proceed with a certain action or strive to overcome personal and professional obstacles, by example.

Etymologically, the word "praise" originated from the Latin praise, which can be translated as "tomb inscription" or "epitaph", which, normally, are messages that describe the most memorable aspects of a particular person's life.

Synonyms of praise

Among some of the main synonyms for praise are:

  • Congratulation;
  • Elevation;
  • Boasting;
  • Praise;
  • Exaltation;
  • Praise;
  • Applause;
  • Gabo;
  • Glorification;
  • Panegyric;
  • Laudatory.

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