Meaning of Common (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Vulgar is a two-gender adjective referring to what it's common, banal, mediocre or something that belongs to the people.

The vulgar can be understood as that which is indistinguishable from the others and which is permeated by common rules. Example: "common sense is vulgar".

The word is also associated with what is generally known to many people, something or something that is not new or exceptional. Ordinary can be something commonplace, that happens often, that is not special. Example: "common mole", "acne vulgaris", "prom dinner was pretty vulgar".

The term vulgar can also have a pejorative sense, being related to what is foul, mediocre, rude and rude. A vulgar language, for example, is considered to be of low level; slang.

One "vulgar person" is seen as someone who does not know how to behave in society, who is inconvenient, who does not have "good manners", who wears clothes excessively provocative and other actions that are not accepted in social life in most communities contemporary.

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The image of the "vulgar woman" is widely advertised by the media as being a person who appeals to the sexuality of his body by wearing short and inappropriate clothes, for example.

In English, the vulgar word can be translated to vulgar or common.

Synonyms for vulgar

  • banal
  • ordinary
  • commonplace
  • ordinary
  • trivial
  • mediocre
  • infamous
  • low

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