Textual Types. Text Study: Textual Types

Textual types are statements that are organized and grouped according to the purpose of communication. From the dynamism of our social relations, and consequently the communicational situations in which we are involved, textual genres are born, which are based on the five types of existing texts.

These five types of texts have intrinsic and invariable characteristics, that is, they are not influenced by the context of our communicative activities. In a predetermined way, they present vocabulary, logical relationships, verb tenses and phrasal constructions that accommodate the different genres. The textual typology has as its object of study the following texts:

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Narrative texts;

Dissertation texts;

Descriptive texts;

Expository texts;

Injunctive texts.

In this section, you will find several articles on text typology and on the differences between text types and text genres. Studying textual types is extremely useful for those who want to interpret and produce texts. Furthermore, identifying the specifics of each of the texts can prepare us as readers. Enjoy your reading and good studies!

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By Luana Castro
Graduated in Letters


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