Conducting verbs with a sense of movement or static

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Syntactic studies allow us to understand how the relationships that words play when inserted in a linguistic context occur. Therefore, if we talk about the conducting verbs with a sense of movement or static, we are referring, therefore, to the relationship that such verbs establish with the complements that follow them.

In this sense, in order to expand our linguistic competence, in view of the standard variety, let us focus on analyzing some assumptions related to this subject. So, let's see:

Verbs that indicate movement, expressed as "arrive, go, return", among others, always govern the preposition "a". Thus, let's look at some examples in which we found such an occurrence:

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twice later we came back to the theater.

we arrived to the park already a few minutes late.

Went to the school to say goodbye to the class.

Those verbs that indicate static meaning, such as those represented by "to live, reside, stay", among others, govern the preposition "in". So let's analyze some cases:

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we live at Avenue of the Alps.

my cousins ​​reside in Fortaleza, where we always spend our holidays.

we stay in home, studying for assessments.

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

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DUARTE, Vânia Maria do Nascimento. "Regency of verbs with a sense of movement or static"; Brazil School. Available in: Accessed on June 28, 2021.

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