What is the noisiest animal in the world?

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Currently, we have more than 1 million animal species worldwide already registered. Some researchers claim that this number could be even higher, somewhere around 3 million to 30 million species.

Despite being catalogued, many of these species have few of their known characteristics. For this reason, there are several biologists and researchers from related areas researching a group, or even a specific species. Every day, new discoveries appear, and some of them are responsible for significant changes in the way we see and interpret life on Earth.

significantly loud sounds

Among the various animals that exist, some stand out for their ability to produce significantly loud sounds, or by the use of vocal chords or using parts of your body, like cicadas. They are usually produced for communication between individuals of the same species to, for example, attract sexual partners, report a potential danger or even in intraspecific disputes.

Some examples of "noisy animals"

  • Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus): 188 decibels
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  • bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus): 80 decibels
  • Northern Elephant Seal (Mirounga angustirostris): 100 decibels
  • Elephant (Elephas maximus and African Loxodonta): 95 decibels
  • Hyena (crocuta crocuta): 70 decibels
  • Lion (panthera leo): 114 decibels

After all, what is the noisiest animal in the world?

O howler monkey (Genus Alouatta) is considered, until further notice, the noisiest land animal on our planet, reaching 130 decibels when vocalizing. Despite this considerable number, this animal is not capable of overcoming a small invertebrate, called Micronecta scholtzi.

This species of water bug, only two millimeters long, is capable of emitting sounds close to 100 decibels (something similar to the auditory sensation we get when watching a symphony orchestra, in the front row of the auditorium). Considering its small size, and the proportion of its body and sound capacity, it is he who earns the title of this text.

Very unusual way to emit sound

The most shocking thing, however, is how this animal makes such a loud noise: the M. scholtzi make the sound not by the use of vocal cords, but from the friction of your penis on the abdomen, in a phenomenon called stridulation. Considering the organ used, it is not surprising that such a sound is emitted by the male in order to attract females for reproduction!
By Mariana Araguaia
Biologist (Specialist in Environmental Education)

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/curiosidades/o-animal-mais-barulhento-mundo.htm


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