Acne, Anthrax and Botulism

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Acne: The Propionibacterium acnes is a bacterium from the normal bacterial flora of the skin, but which can cause skin inflammation, with great possibility of leaving scars when encountering conditions that allow its rapid multiplication. For treatment, control of facial skin oils and, in some cases, the use of antibiotics may be indicated by competent professionals.

Anthrax (anthrax): caused by Bacillus anthracis, is typical of agricultural environments, affecting mainly herbivores, which become contaminated by grazing in soil contaminated by bacterial spores. These, when they come into contact with the skin fissures of individuals of our species, cause a lesion that turns into pus-filled blisters and, later, forms a deep, dark scar. When the infection is caused by the inhalation of spores, it gives the individual symptoms similar to those of flu, but which can trigger cardiac or respiratory arrest. When ingestion occurs, for example, when eating the meat of a contaminated animal, it triggers diarrhea in the patient, accompanied by bloody vomiting. It can be fatal in many cases.

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Botulism: infection whose causative agent is the Clostridium botulinum. The infection is caused by the ingestion of the bacteria or its spores, usually present in homemade preserves and food stored in stewed cans. Due to the toxin it releases, the nervous system is affected, causing tremors, vomiting and progressive muscle weakness. It can cause death by paralysis of the muscles responsible for breathing.

Self-medication can have unwanted and unanticipated effects, as the wrong medicine not only does not cure, it can worsen your health.

By Mariana Araguaia
Graduated in Biology

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