Skank. Side effects of skank

Skank (also known as supermarijuana and skunk) is a more potent drug than marijuana, both of which are taken from the species. cannabis sativa and, for this reason, they have in their compositions the same active principle - THC (Tetrahydro-cannabinol).

What makes Skank a more concentrated form of numbing?
The difference comes from the cultivation of the plant in the laboratory. The preparation of Cannabis sativa to obtain Skank is done in greenhouses with hydroponic technology (planting in water).
According to studies, in skank there is a THC index seven times higher than in marijuana. The percentage reaches up to 17.5%, whereas in marijuana it is 2.5%. Therefore, the amount needed to numb the individual is much smaller.
Actions in the organism: The drug begins to be absorbed by the liver until the THC compound reaches the brain and reproductive system.
Side effects: as already said, the Skank species is more numbing than marijuana, its use leads to changes in serotonin and dopamine in the body, and make the individual have difficulty concentrating by causing damage to the neurons. It also causes memory lapses and affects motor coordination.

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In general, the effects of the drug Skank are similar to those of marijuana: excitement, increased appetite by candy, red eyes, dilated pupils, hallucinations and disturbances in the perception of time and space.
By Líria Alves
Graduated in Chemistry
Brazil School Team

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