Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning

THE food poisoning happens when a person ingests a food or drink that is contaminated by some kind of chemical substance, toxin or metabolic products of microorganisms. Food poisoning usually does not cause much damage, however, in some cases it can be fatal. Among its main symptoms, we can mention vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. In some cases, chills, bloody diarrhea, weakness and dehydration may also occur.

Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning

In order to prevent food poisoning, it is essential to avoid certain foods and to preserve the products that will be consumed well. Below, we'll show you some important tips to get rid of this type of intoxication:

  • Know well the origin of the food that will be consumed;

  • Avoid eating in places with questionable hygiene;

  • Pay extra attention to buffet food. Make sure food is hot or properly cooled;

  • Always wash your hands before eating and handling food;

  • Always drink treated and filtered water;

  • Wash foods well, especially those that will be eaten raw;

  • Properly wash utensils and surfaces where food will be prepared;

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  • Do not mix foods from different sources during preparation, such as meat and vegetables on the cutting board;

  • Do not mix foods that are already cooked with those that are still raw;

  • Avoid canned foods that have damaged or wrinkled packaging;

  • Store snacks properly;

  • Use different knives for different foods;

  • Cook food well;

  • Carefully observe the expiration date of the food;

  • Avoid unpasteurized milk, raw eggs and undercooked meat;

  • When shopping, store food properly when you get home;

  • Do you think the food might be spoiled? Throw away!

Heads up: If you experience symptoms of food poisoning, try to hydrate yourself well and seek help from a doctor.
By Ma. Vanessa dos Santos

Source: Brazil School -

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