Why is the aesthetics of a text so important?

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Asking why textual aesthetics is important in a text is the same as asking why do we shower, wash or brush our teeth? It's a matter of care and if the person doesn't usually do this, they are considered sloppy.
It's also like this with writing: the impression it gives when the broker sees a continuous text, without punctuation and without paragraph, is that the writer was not the least careful when writing the text and was not caring about the reader. It's like when someone comes home for a visit and doesn't mind keeping things tidy.
In addition, aesthetics is also a point of scoring in any selection process, of course, because nobody likes to read a poorly organized text, not even those who are paid for it!
So, let's see what you need to check about the look of your essay:
First, look at the title and make sure it is written with an initial capital letter, regardless of what it is (article, preposition). For example: The Leia bee. Of course, proper names or names of places and acronyms must be written in capital letters. Remember that title has no final score!

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Second, make sure all paragraphs are spaced properly (one-finger width) and that they are all at the same height. Paragraphing is fundamental, as it establishes the visual structure that points to the mandatory division of the dissertation text: introduction, development and conclusion. We have that the initial paragraph is the introduction, the last the conclusion and the rest are the arguments that are part of the development.
The minimum number of paragraphs proposed for a dissertation is three, one for each part of the text. However, it is good to follow the minimum of 15 lines and the maximum of 30, adopted by most entrance exams.
Third, note whether the ideas are divided according to the distinction between them, that is, for each new approach, a new paragraph. However, it is necessary that there is a connection between the arguments presented, otherwise, cohesion will not exist.
As a fourth item, don't erasure! However, if it does, make a cross over the word and put it in parentheses.
Finally, watch your handwriting carefully, as it is your business card! Check if there are any letters that are not readable! Do not have you as a base, put yourself in the role of a reader who has never seen your text and analyze the terms that can really cause misunderstandings! If you feel better, write in block letters, as it is also accepted in competitions.
Remember that illegibility can void your writing!

By Sabrina Vilarinho
Graduated in Letters
Brazil School Team

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Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/redacao/por-que-estetica-um-texto-tao-importante.htm

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