Male pregnancy. Male pregnancy or Couvade syndrome

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Did you know that males can “get pregnant”?

Such picture, called Couvade syndrome, or male pregnancy, is not related to the development of the embryo inside the body of the individual in question, as is the case with women and male seahorses.

This phenomenon, until recently ignored by the medical profession, was discovered in 1965 by the British psychiatrist Trethowan. It is the manifestation of sensations similar to those of the pregnant partner, such as: weight gain, nausea, manifestation cravings, headache and backache, bowel changes, urge to urinate too often and mood swings. In some cases, there is even an increase in the male abdomen (pseudocyesis).
The most frequent cases occur in situations where the father:

- Will have their first child;
- Has older age;
- Will have an “early son”;
- Was adopted in childhood;
-He is very anxious;
- Has a strong affective and emotional connection with his pregnant partner;
- Strongly sympathizes with the pain and desires of the partner.

Some recent studies show that just over 50% of men develop symptoms typical of pregnancy, to a lesser or greater degree. Although not all factors related to its manifestation are known; it is believed that the condition is a psychosomatic condition, that is, a kind of physical response to an emotional stimulus. Some researches also point out hormonal factors, but the results, at least until second order, are not conclusive.

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Couvade syndrome tends to appear around the third month, and disappear until the end of pregnancy, naturally. However, how can it become a burden and/or last a longer time; it is interesting that, in these cases, medical help is required.

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By Mariana Araguaia
Biologist, specialist in Environmental Education
Brazil School Team

Source: Brazil School -
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